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Extraordinary Therapy Services For The Ones You Love

Ultra Therapy Solutions is a medical solutions that encompasses dependable health care professionals with a keen understanding of convenience geared towards providing health care services and support through extensive skills to promote excellent quality care and outcomes.




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Our Pride

Exceptional Team of Clinicians

Our team comes from outpatient, inpatient, and skilled nursing home environments and has experience providing hands-on clinical care and administrative management. We are here to help you optimize therapy utilization at the highest potential for your developing needs while maximizing patient satisfaction.


We Offer Top Recommended Lymphedema Supplies by Top Lymphedema Experts

Quality Services

We will provide you access to the most diverse pool of allied top rehabilitation healthcare professionals in vast locations.

Lymphedema Therapy

We are a group of advanced certified clinicians that evaluates and treats various stages of lymphedema and lipedema.

Physical Therapy

We are licensed clinicians that evaluate and treat various medical conditions that affect a patient’s gross functional mobility.

Occupational Therapy

We are highly trained licensed clinicians that evaluate and treats injured, ill, or disabled patients through the therapeutic use of everyday activities.

Speech Therapy

We are highly-regarded clinicians that evaluate and treat individuals with speech, language, oral and pharyngeal, cognitive or communicative conditions.

Medical Social Worker

We are a group of home health social workers providing individuals, families, and groups with the psychosocial support they need to cope with acute, chronic or terminal illnesses


We, home health nurses are responsible for administering in-home care to patients while helping maintain their independence.

Know More About Lymphedema

Did You Know That

Stage 1 Lymphedema is Considered Reversible?

Lymphedema is a swelling that occurs from the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Normally, during the circulation of the blood, fluid from the bloodstream leaks into the surrounding tissue. In the tissues, the lymphatic system is an open-ended microscopic system of thin-walled vessels that collect the fluid and ultimately return the fluid to the bloodstream. Lymphedema occurs when there is an overproduction of the lymph fluid which overwhelms the lymphatic system.


A Message From Our CEO

I am extending my gratitude to the clinicians, physicians, and families that entrusted Ultra Therapy Solutions to come into their homes, hearts, and health in a day and age that there is a saturated market of clinicians. I do appreciate that you find us a step above the rest. To every single clinician that works for me, you are the face and the vision for UTS. This company is not a one-person but a combination of heart, skillset, and drive powered by over 200 employees that embody UTS. I am thankful and looking forward to growing together.

Healthcare Worker with Patient

What they say about us

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly! I highly recommend them to friends & family.

Nick Caloroso

Fantastic staff on both the placement side and the staffing side. Professionalism at its finest.

Steve Wallace

Ultra Therapy Solutions not only has some of the best therapists in the industry but they also have amazing office support staff.

Andrea Perry
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