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About Us

Ultra Therapy Solutions is a therapist-driven medical solutions company with 30 years of experience in staffing modeled to a fully encompassing medical solutions and 25 years of home healthcare experience to wound care. We are considered the largest Lymphedema Group in the Southwest. Ultra Therapy Solutions is more than just a staffing agency. We offer our partners personalized services and support through our extensive experience in recruitment of top candidates, clinical referencing, and expert placement.

Our Mission

is to provide optimal well-being of patients and therapists and to be your partners in healthcare. We embrace diversity in our clinicians culturally, professionally, and quality.

We are continuously growing

Our team consists of exceptional physical therapists and we specialize in Lymphedema Therapy. We are continuously on the hunt for great professionals who bares the same values and are as enthusiastic about providing patient care.

We can refer you to the best professionals

Ultra Therapy Solutions offers access to the most diverse pool of allied health professionals in vast locations. On top of the large pool of staffing cover both Therapist, nursing and MSW. We have a large specialty with Wound care, Lymphedema, Vestibular, NDT Neuro, Big and Loud.

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